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Everything we do centres around Department’s community; from our members to our teams. And beyond that, we champion a work life balance for all. Our venues are built upon the principles of work, wellness and social, so naturally these values are celebrated and encouraged for our people too.

Embarking on a career with Department means joining our movement to evolve working lives. If you want your next move to be with Department, please send your CV and desired role to

Currently hiring: Community Associate

All Work & Social’s All Belong Policy

We are an equal opportunities employer. We believe that when we have the freedom to grow as individuals, we grow together as a community. Our commitment to delivering experiences, redefining workspaces and celebrating creativity stems from the individuality and ambition of our team. A team where all identities and all cultures can do their best work. 

We are continuously evolving to create a workplace that is as diverse and inclusive as the communities we serve. In doing so, we can build stronger connections and be proud of where we work. And where we All Belong.