Collaborate with Creativity: Department Bonded Warehouse and Heads Creative

January 26th 2024

Heads Creative are set to take over The Content Studio at Bonded Warehouse.

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Nestled in the St John’s neighborhood, Department Bonded Warehouse boasts a rich history steeped in media and creativity. Once home to the original Coronation Street set, the heritage building now plays host to a community of creative businesses, flexible workspace, content studios, and broadcasting productions from Versa Studios.

The key to building a community lies in collaboration. Many businesses are making the move to flexible workspace in Manchester because of the opportunities to meet like-minded creatives and build a network of contacts to lean on for support, services or problem solving. 

Department Bonded Warehouse has partnered with Heads Creative to open its doors to even more of Manchester’s creatives. This collaboration aims to provide open doors for more of our members, providing an opportunity to step into the The Content Studio and explore work with an extended network. Heads Creative, representing some of Manchester’s newest talents across various domains – from poets to photographers, social media managers to artists – brings a diverse range of talent to this collaboration.

It’s not the first collaboration for Heads Creative in St John’s – the team recently hosted a successful meet-up in the nearby Side Street Studio, producing content for over 30 accounts. Their expertise in connecting smaller players with influential businesses transforms Department Bonded Warehouse into a launchpad for partnerships, career opportunities, and freelance growth. The impact extends beyond exposure; it’s about creating a supportive network that fosters growth, turning creative energy into tangible opportunities.

Alongside the networking opportunity, the meetup will offer complimentary access to Department’s leading coworking space so attendees have an inspiring environment to post-edit or complete focused work. The Content Studio is designed to offer an exclusive space to create content with a dressing area, backdrops, professional lighting, and vanity makeup mirrors.

Check out Heads Creative to become part of the movement:

Or Purchase tickets to the event here:

4th Feb 2024 15:00 pm – 19:00 pm

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Heads Creative Meet header artwork

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"Bonded Warehouse is a unique environment and the team love being there. The facilities and the community team are superb and create a brilliant atmosphere for productivity and creativity. The team are always running events and there is something for everyone. It's a great way of learning something new, trying something new and meeting new people."

Ultimate Agency

“The highlight of working in Department XYZ is the support we receive from the team - there’s a real sense of community amongst members. We’re proud to work here and in one of the best locations in Manchester.”

Immediate Media

“Spinningfields and XYZ is a very professional and inspiring place to have as a business base. The best place I’ve worked from in my 30 year career.”

Spinningfields Lifetime Partners

“As a startup founder, I place significant importance on the work environment, understanding its critical role in nurturing and growing a business. My experience with XYZ has been outstanding. The dedication and exceptional efforts of the team supporting the members are commendable.”