The Killer Muse: On a journey to link sustainability and fashion

October 10th 2023

Amna Saleem-Walters, founder of The Killer Muse is on a mission to tackle diversity, inequality, and sustainability issues within the fashion industry. Starting as a young girl of Pakistani heritage in Glasgow with a passion for fashion, she has now developed a tech platform that will take fashion rental to a new level.


The Killer Muse began back when Amna was at university as a blog where she would create runway looks with high-street fashion to make expensive looks more accessible.

From there she went on to work for fast-fashion and luxury fashion start-ups both in the UK and internationally. It was during this time that Amna really became aware of the challenges facing the fashion industry and its supply chain.

She started to understand the negative impact that fast fashion was having on the environment and workers all in the name of mass production. This left Amna at a crossroads. The plan had always been to start her own fashion brand. But now, knowing what she knew, could she still start trading with her own brand, ignoring the consequences? But then she discovered fashion rental.

Fashion rental platforms are quickly rising in popularity with consumers looking for more sustainable and budget-friendly shopping options. For Amna and The Killer Muse, the goal is to make designer fashion more sustainable whilst combatting inequality issues across the supply chain. Giving people the chance to enjoy luxury pieces for a few days for a special occasion or just a feel-good treat. This not only allows people to enjoy pre-loved pieces, but it is also much more environmentally friendly.

After the idea was formed, Amna started to develop a subscription-based app. She self-funded the process despite having no previous tech experience but plenty of ambition. After her MVP (minimum viable product) build, the focus turned to building her network which led to a move to Manchester. Here she joined Department’s Exchange Programme , which offers subsidised workspace in Bonded Warehouse and access to a network of advisors, mentors, and a like-minded business community to expand her network and community. Stating that ‘she didn’t know what she didn’t know’, by joining Exchange, Amna has been able to seek advice from fellow members and the experienced mentor and advisory network. She has quickly become familiar with life as a tech start-up founder and found out what it takes to scale – a different world from the fashion business.

Now accessible to consumers, The Killer Muse is going from strength to strength.

Her childhood dream of working in fashion is finally being realised in a positive and impactful way. We can’t wait to see The Killer Muse make fashion tech history.

To find out more about The Killer Muse and how to subscribe, visit their Instagram and Website.

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