Meet your Community Host, Rosemary

June 18th 2024

Meet your Community Host, Rosemary from Department Bonded Warehouse.



All of Department’s coworking spaces and serviced offices in Manchester and Leeds have a dedicated community team – it’s one of the key differentiators between a conventional office and a serviced, flexible solution like ours.

A community team is an essential service which comes part and parcel with your coworking desk rate or private office rent. Primarily, the team offer a personalised service for Department members to ensure business runs smoothly. However the most notable impact a community team has is nurturing the member experience to create an inclusive, fulfilling and positive workspace.

Read to hear our Q&A with Rosemary Jones, Community Host at Department Bonded Warehouse.

Hi Rosemary! Tell us more about your role at Department.

On paper, my role is Community Host. What this means to me is doing what I can do to support and grow the community, support businesses and add touch of hospitality to the space. Whether it’s planning events, community runs, networking or re-organising private offices, let’s make it happen!

Why is community so important to a workspace?

Community adds value beyond the physical workspace. Community is about each individual, as much as it’s about a group.

When businesses prioritise community within their workplace or company culture, people feel valued, inspired and connected under one roof. The space feels activated and alive. Businesses who have growth on the agenda have more success at attracting and retaining the best talent when they align to a people-focused workspace.

In essence, growing a space is about recognising that the people who inhabit the space are its most valuable asset.

How can members get involved with the community?

You don’t necessarily need to be a member of Department to feel the benefits of our community. You can get a taste through our public events which we advertise monthly; you can stop by the on-site Condition gym for a class, or even spend some time at Dept Coffee shop with a brew.

My advice for Department members is to take advantage of every opportunity you get to join in, and to keep a keen eye on our Community Portal for new events, pop-ups and updates from businesses within your location! Don’t forget to contribute back to the community by sharing your own expertise, offering support to others, and being open to collaboration.

What are you most excited about bringing to Department this year?

I’m looking forward to filling the next few months up with all kinds of events and seeing how our community and space evolves this year!

Why should businesses consider moving to flexible workspace?

There are many different advantages of moving to flexible workspace versus remote working or conventional office space. Possibly the most important is that flexible workspaces offer businesses the agility to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. Traditional office leases often come with long-term commitments, whereas a flexible workspace like Department can accommodate reactive change with ease, and often businesses can enjoy access to premium facilities, amenities and benefits without the hassle and expense of managing them independently.

People are increasingly craving flexibility in their work arrangements, as they seek to strike a better balance between their professional and personal lives. With this, there’s a growing awareness of the importance of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. As a result, flexible spaces are evolving to become all-in-one places to eat, relax, exercise and find balance. For many businesses, this serves as a valuable extension to existing culture policies.

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Or to find out how your business could benefit from a move to Department, get in touch to arrange a tour and take a look around.

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"Bonded Warehouse is a unique environment and the team love being there. The facilities and the community team are superb and create a brilliant atmosphere for productivity and creativity. The team are always running events and there is something for everyone. It's a great way of learning something new, trying something new and meeting new people."

Ultimate Agency

“The highlight of working in Department XYZ is the support we receive from the team - there’s a real sense of community amongst members. We’re proud to work here and in one of the best locations in Manchester.”

Immediate Media

“Spinningfields and XYZ is a very professional and inspiring place to have as a business base. The best place I’ve worked from in my 30 year career.”

Spinningfields Lifetime Partners

“As a startup founder, I place significant importance on the work environment, understanding its critical role in nurturing and growing a business. My experience with XYZ has been outstanding. The dedication and exceptional efforts of the team supporting the members are commendable.”