Through the Latitude lens.

May 19th 2023

Through the Latitude lens with Sarah Clemson, Founder of Latitude Marketing. Sarah writes about her experience of working in Department.


September 2020 and a chance introduction from Tech Nation led me, Sarah Clemson of Latitude Marketing to Bonded Warehouse. I was currently working at our main business address in Clitheroe, some 30 miles away and I was travelling to Manchester regularly for singular meetings with no base and wasting a great deal of time. I felt a real pull to the city, having previously has a design and marketing agency on King Street for over a decade and studied at Manchester Met.

Since then, I have become part of the brilliant community and have the privilege to be a key marketing partner supporting the Exchange cohort of tech start up founders based at Department Bonded Warehouse.

I am now what you might call a super fan. 


Such is the attention to detail that on entering the building the scent alone captures you, a small detail but an effective one which sets the tone for everything within. On first sight, clearly the decor is design-led and well-conceived with key furniture finds. The community team welcome you and Dept Coffee draws you in to fuel the day. There’s an immediate buzz that’s hard to describe, smiles and conversations, enterprise and activity.


Walking through to the member workspace area, you’re met with a lofty space of exposed brick, girders, columns and the warmth of the original wooden floor with light streaming over. Triple height offices and glazed office cubes with hot-desking above, complement the vintage iconic qualities of the former 1867 railway warehouse. Modern industry pays homage to a heritage asset and the home of ground-breaking endeavour continues.

I use all aspects of the building, I train in Condition gym, enjoy lunches and coffees at the various outlets, invite other businesses over for meetings, and hold events in the many spaces on offer. I have found my work utopia.

What's on and events

Sunday Service

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Weekend DJs at Fearns

Come for the coffee and stay for the cocktails. Spend your weekend with the family and the dogs at Fearns…
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Daily Condition Classes

Becoming a member of Condition gives you access to a wide variety of daily classes across strength, functional and HIIT training styles.

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“Particular praise for the look and feel of the space. Our teams can work flexibly both for focused work in our private office as well as collaboratively in the shared areas. We’d recommend it for any business of any size as it’s always the perfect fit.”

Modern Milkman

“Being a member has opened doors for us. We have been able to connect with other businesses and work with our neighbours, so we love the community aspect of Department (especially the Community team who are always on hand to help) ”


“The highlight of working in Department XYZ is the support we receive from the team - there’s a real sense of community amongst members. We’re proud to work here and in one of the best locations in Manchester.”

Immediate Media

“Spinningfields and Department XYZ is a very professional and inspiring place to have as a business base. The best place I’ve worked from in my 30 year career.”

Spinningfields Lifetime Partners