Member Moments: Miss Kick Grow Their Squad

May 20th 2021

Miss Kick, the UK’s first female football brand, are on a mission to create social change and empower the female football community. 

Based in Department Bonded Warehouse, the Miss Kick team are members of Enterprise City’s Exchange programme, an initiative created to support ambitious start-ups. Founded in 2018, Miss Kick is already making its mark within the sporting world, and was recently recognised by Gymshark’s Founder, Ben Francis, who selected the brand to feature in an exclusive video. 

What could be behind the huge success so far? A winning lineup with a #GAMECHANGEHER attitude! And the team is only going from strength to strength, as new recruit Amy (pictured) joins as Content and Community Manager. 

Welcoming Amy to Department, we wanted to find out more about Amy’s new role and what the future looks like for Miss Kick… 

Congratulations on your new role! What will your role involve for Miss Kick?

“Coming up with the creation and delivery of all content across Miss Kick, including social media and product campaigns. I am also responsible for managing our Miss Kick community and ambassadors.”

How did you get into your area of work?

“I did an internship during alongside my university studies in media and video production and ever since then loved being able to be so creative and piece content together. I also have a passion for football, having played it since I was 6 years old. My job here at Miss Kick is the perfect blend of media and football, so it really was a match made in heaven.”

Is there a key project you’re excited to get stuck into? 

“On my first day actually at Miss Kick in Department, we had our spring/summer campaign shoot where we went out into Manchester with some of our ambassador models to get both photos and videos for the campaign. I was super excited for this as I was able to shoot behind the scenes of the day and see how shoot days work. We got some amazing content and the products looked great so we can’t wait to release them to the world!”

What does the future look like for Miss Kick?

“The future is very bright for Miss Kick. With the Euro’s next year, and the huge investment deals being implemented into women’s football, there is massive scope for us. We just have to be ‘on it’ for the next few years and push for growth! The ultimate dream is getting Miss Kick to be the biggest female football clothing company in the world.”

At Department, we’re on a mission to support members’ work life balance. Is there anything you find that works for you?

The routine I’ve started to get into is heading to the gym straight after work, this allows me to separate that time in work to then transition into time at home. I know as soon as I’ve finished the gym that’s me done for the day. I think it’s so important to have that switch off time as it allows you to return to work the next day with a fresh mindset and helps you get a clear idea of what to do.”

Are there any work-based apps or programs that you can’t get by without? 

The tools I swear by are Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro. They are the main platforms I use to create the content for Miss Kick. Photoshop I predominantly use for social media content, still graphics etc. After Effects I use for all our animations and motion graphics and Premiere Pro is the main software I use for all the video content across Miss Kick.”

And finally, what’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?

The best advice I’ve ever received is to make sure that you are irreplaceable to a company. Leave that much of an impact on the job that you are doing that you give your employer no choice but to keep you around due to how good you are. Also, just to love what you do.”

(That advice will live rent free in our heads forever…)

Miss Kick’s spring/summer collection is now live, with free delivery on all orders over £50. Browse the range at

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